Ontario Food Collaborative

Take Action on Food Waste

Canada has a food waste problem.

Each year, 2.2 million tonnes of edible food items are tossed out, costing Canadian households over $1,100 in avoidable food waste1. In Ontario, food and organic waste account for 6% of the province’s carbon emissions each year2. It also makes up 31% of all residential waste sent to landfills3, which are on track to running out of space in 11-14 years4. Avoidable food waste also takes for granted the 861,000 people that work in Ontario’s agri-food sector5 and 2.1 million people that work in the Canadian agri-food sector6.

Let’s kick our food waste habits. Take action in your household!

This food waste action learning hub provides helpful tips & tools to enjoy food while tackling food waste!

Plan out your meals first.
Start with a simple plan that works for you.

Portion right, cook for your health, and love your leftovers.

Proper storage and knowing about best before dates will help stop spoilage and waste.

Keep food out of landfills. Sort right in your community.


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