Ontario Food Collaborative

Our Work

Our Vision

A food system for all that supports eating well, prevents food waste and conserves resources.

Our Mission

To be a resource that supports, educates and empowers through advocacy, knowledge sharing and network building focused on food literacy, and food waste prevention to achieve a sustainable food system.

Our Work

The Ontario Food Collaborative (OFC) is an association of waste management, public health, community-based and academic partners working to improve food literacy in Ontario. We are connected by the common goal of promoting actions that support healthy eating and food waste prevention. Ontario Food Collaborative members work on various attributes of food literacy including cooking skills, food safety, meal planning and waste prevention at the household level. Members share resources, information and expertise to advocate for food literacy and support food waste prevention through policies and programs.

OFC Meeting – 2016

Our Core Principles

  1. The OFC strives to be a multi-stakeholder group representing diverse food system stakeholders.
  2. The OFC recognizes the important role of key food system stakeholders in encouraging and supporting decreased food waste and healthy food choices by consumers and seeks to engage these stakeholders in its work.
  3. The OFC recognizes enhancing food literacy in all sectors of the food value chain as a holistic solution to prevent avoidable food waste.
  4. OFC members are committed to preventing avoidable food waste, promoting healthy eating and improving the systems of support to positively affect these changes.
  5. OFC members will share information, effective practices, resources, and program ideas in order to work together, where appropriate, on pilot projects. This shared leadership, collaboration, and learning approaches are core to achieving the mutually agreed upon objectives of the group.

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