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Ontario Food Collaborative (OFC) members are committed to a shared vision of preventing avoidable food waste and improving food literacy.

Members will share and benefit from resources and training provided by the OFC to understand the value of food and advocate for the sustainable management of the food value chain.

OFC members benefit from:

  • An Effective Collaborative that provides members with diverse perspectives, tools, resources and best practices that bring together food waste prevention and food literacy.
  • Effective Partnerships to connect and share insights with colleagues and top experts in public works, public health, community-based and academic fields.
  • Effective Messaging to communicate using clearly defined food waste prevention and food literacy messages, enhancing members’ communications and advocacy strategies.
  • Effective Metrics by accessing tools and resources as well as professional development opportunities to support members’ capacity building.
  • Recognition for contributing to food waste prevention and food literacy promotion through innovative programs and thought leadership.

As part of the yearly OFC Membership, receive access to:

  • Events: OFC meetings & webinars for members on topics of interest and our annual general meeting (AGM) hosted in the fall.
  • OFC Communications:
    • The Monthly OFC Newsletter, which compiles important, actionable information on all things food literacy, including regulatory & advocacy updates, member news, events, featured resources, and more.
    • Member Bulletins, sent as needed when high-priority and actionable information needs to reach you.
  • Member Directory: A central member-only directory with general info about all members
  • Resource Library: A central library of member resources including reports, case studies, templates, samples, presentations, and policy statements.
  • Member Forums: A member discussion forum page where members can start and contribute to discussion threads based on topics of interest.
  • Advocacy: OFC uses its members’ collective voice to help shape and support food literacy policies and programs on local, provincial, and national levels.

Membership Tiers

Note 1: Existing Public Health Members are eligible to maintain their Member – Free (*Legacy) membership and no charge for Events for the remainder of 2024.

Note 2: Eventually the OFC will phase out Member – Free (*Legacy) and require these accounts to become Member – Paid accounts or risk losing membership benefits. Plenty of notice will be communicated in advance of this happening.

Become an OFC member of your organization by first searching for your organization’s name, then complete the Registration form

Register your OFC Membership here.